How choose the vinyl car wrap colors that suits me?

How can I choose the vinyl car wrap colors that suits me?


1. How to choose the vinyl car wrap colors that suits your needs:

1. If you are just for self-entertainment and cool, ordinary color change film is enough to meet your needs. This ordinary color-changing film is divided into glossy color wrap and matte color wrap

glossy color change wrap attached to the car, the color is more dazzling, and the brightness is higher;

Although the matte color change wrap is not as eye-catching as bright, it is relatively low-key, but it looks dazzling enough.

2. Carbon fiber car wrap is a new type of material, which is very light and tough, but the hardness is higher than rigidity.

This type of material is currently mainly used in the production of some super sports cars.

Many young car owners love cars, especially those sport cars, but looking at the astronomical price, they can only “sigh with excitement”. Carbon fiber color change wrap can satisfy the small vanity of young car owners.

3. Paint Protection Film, the car film has no color is definitely not for coolness.

This color change film is mainly to protect the paint, avoid fatal injuries on the surface of the paint, and play a role in maintaining the value of the paint. If you want to change hands after the car is old, you can get a better price.

Do a comprehensive lacquer maintenance before applying the transparent film. You don’t need to do beauty care for at least three years, which can save a lot of money. Such a layer of invisible car film can resist ultraviolet rays and wind and sand erosion, increase the life of the paint surface, and ensure the gloss. At the same time, the transparent protective film can also insulate a large part of physical damage.

2. Choose a professional construction team

The perfect car color change wrap, not only is the choice of the film, everything is OK, and equally important is the choice of a good construction team. Professional technicians, skilled technical techniques, and reasonable prices are all things we should consider.

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