How much do you know about vehicle wrap colors?

How much do you know about vehicle wrap colors?


In car modification, changing the color of the car body has always been regarded as a big project, and it has not changed this phenomenon until the appearance of car film in recent years. Compared with traditional baking paint, Car Body Wrap is a simpler and quicker color change scheme, but is there anything to pay attention to when applying the car body film? Let us discuss the pros and cons of filming with you today, as well as the matters needing attention!

The vehicle wrap colors has the advantages of convenient and fast construction, more color varieties, greater autonomy and flexibility in color matching, and easy removal. It also better protects the integrity of the vehicle. There are not so many doubts about the traditional paint in terms of handwork. In addition, compared with the paint of the whole car, the color change film will not change the original car paint. If you want to restore the original shape, you only need to tear off the film and change it to the original car in seconds. For those who pay attention to Resale Value, this is definitely biggest advantage.


In contrast, traditional baking paint not only pays attention to the craftsmanship of the master, but also the color matching and the color difference of the car body. It also involves more complicated aspects such as the disassembly and assembly of the interior decoration parts. To put it simply: find a paint that is not well-crafted Master, you are so upset that you have a lot of hand tails! Of course, everything has advantages and disadvantages, and the car film is not absolutely perfect, especially the requirements for car film in the modification industry are increasing, and the car body film of uneven quality has begun to appear on the market. Here we also directly list several main ones. problem

1. The price of different brands of vehicle wrap colors is not small, but what is the difference?


This aspect is actually “you get what you pay for”. The main difference is that the color of the sticker itself will be different in processing, and the “painted surface” effect of a good-quality sticker will be much better. There is also a difference between expensive and cheap stickers in terms of toughness. Once a long time, stickers with poor toughness may warp up on some bumps or water chestnuts of the car body. Finally, the glue behind the film also has a quality difference. If the quality is poor, the glue will remain on the car body when the film is torn off in the future.

2. What should I pay attention to when applying car body film?

A professional store is very important. There will be fewer hands and tails in the future. First, a clean environment can ensure that the chance of dust and sand intrusion during the sticker process is reduced, and the use of the correct equipment can ensure that the body parts will not be damaged. Of course, the quality of the car body film is also very important. Finally, you must pay attention to the condition of your car before applying the film. Any dent, scratch or rust must be repaired in advance. But the most important thing is that if your car has been sprayed/painted up, no matter how good the film is used, as long as the time is long, it is very likely that the paint will be torn off when the film is torn off. This is Car owners absolutely need to pay attention.

3. How to distinguish the pros and cons of car body film?


Generally, high-quality vehicle wrap colors has full and uniform color, and feels good and soft to the touch. The thickness and toughness of the bottom paper will also be sufficient. This kind of car body film is not easy to produce creases during construction, and the corners of the back are warped. The chance of getting up is also greatly reduced.

4. Can film be applied to old cars?


Yes, but since the surface of an old car is usually not as smooth as a new car, the shop generally recommends repairing the car body before construction. In addition, the old car may also become flourish when exposed to the sun for a long time. At this time, attaching a car body film may also cause paint peeling problems, depending on the situation.

Finally, if you plan to stick the film, don’t polish it just to make the car beautiful, because the oiliness of the wax will make the glue of the film not stick to the car body.

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