How to judge the quality of solar film?

How to judge the quality of solar film?

The quality of automotive solar film is a very important issue, especially now that the automotive film market is developing , and a lot of inferior products have appeared. These products are mainly cheap

The problem of poor-quality solar films is very serious. One of them is that inferior solar films contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which has caused many consumers to have doubts about automotive solar films and disrupted the automotive solar film market.


Generally, the thermal insulation rate of ordinary automobile solar film is about 30% to 40%. Even if the price of the solar film is 500-1000USD, the thermal insulation rate of the film can only be around 50%-60%. Some automotive solar film manufacturers claim that their insulation rate can reach 80% or even 90%, which is an exaggeration.

How to judge?

Some professionals have stated that this is because the customer’s absorbing car solar film. Ordinary car solar film is usually reflected and absorbed. In order to save costs, the inferior film will adopt all or a large amount of absorption method to make all the heat absorbed on the glass. .

It is recommended that car owners go to a regular store to buy, the warranty card is the only way to protect their rights after the inferior film is affixed. The famous brand has a uniform number on the warranty card, and has the manufacturer’s telephone number and inspection address. Leave a backup copy when shooting, and then ask the clerk to tie you to the warranty card and sign or seal it at the end of the construction.


Car solar film is already the “standard” product on the car, but too many inferior products make it difficult for consumers to distinguish their quality, so many consumers do not understand and buy inferior products.

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