Parameters of solar film for car windows

Parameters of solar film for car windows

Nowadays, the installation rate of solar film is getting higher and higher, visible light transmittance, ultraviolet isolation rate, heat insulation rate… these car film parameters are not so careless for car owners. These parameters have become the choice. The primary reference for buying car films. A highly heat-insulating car film has been launched on the market, and this parameter is used as a gimmick and selling point to absorb customers and make car owners be moved by it.

However, the visible light transmittance, UV blocking rate, anti-glare speed, the heat insulation rate of these parameters are important, but it ignores one of the most important performance parameters of the solar film-the warranty period (warranty)! In fact, The first thing to buy solar film depends on the warranty period, not just the heat insulation rate!

Because during the warranty period, the solar film will not be violently attenuated during use. The high heat insulation rate only refers to its instantaneous heat insulation rate, and does not guarantee long-term high heat insulation standards.

After the sun film is pasted, it needs maintenance. After the car film is pasted, you must pay attention to how to maintain it. Only by careful and patient can it exert a lasting effect and effect.

1. After the installation and construction, we should not lower the car window within 3-5 days to prevent the edge of the film from being warped.

2, within one working month after installation, do not choose to hang suction cup dolls and other objects on the time window of the car;

3. Do not use nails or sharp objects to knock up the edge of the membrane to prevent dirt from entering;

4. Do not directly paste labels on the “membrane”;

5. The car is equipped with a microfiber wipe with high adsorption capacity for daily wiping.

6. If there is bubble technology, it must be processed in a professional store within 24 hours;

7. The film can be cleaned after 2-3 weeks of pasting. Use a lint-free cloth and other soft objects soaked in water to wipe. Pay attention not to trap sand or sharp particles to avoid scratching the surface of the film;

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