Do I need to wax ppf coating?

Do I need to wax ppf coating?

Now car owners are very concerned about their paint, so at a certain stage, they will go to maintenance. But as time goes by, various parts will age, so car beauty is also essential.

In order to keep the paint on the car, some car owners will choose to crystallize, wax. Some car owners are more aggressive with the car and will superimpose the maintenance, such as Waxing the ppf coating. if this method will work?

Answer: OK! It definitely works! It can effectively prevent acid rain and dust, and develop anti-fouling functions. In addition, the physical protection properties of different materials at the same time, anti-scratch, anti-pebbles and sand particles, resistance to scratches, by sticking ppf coating to isolate the paint and rain from the outside, playing the functions of anti-acid rain and anti-oxidation.

The function of ppf coating is related to the material. When the structure is not damaged, the thermal repair function can be realized. ¬†needs to be deeply washed and painted before construction. Light refraction, realize the brightening function in visual effects…

No matter how powerful it is, it needs protection. Similarly, long-term exposure to feng shui and sun will become vulnerable, not to mention the paint protective film made of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber.

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