How ppf car protection help?

How ppf car wrap protection help?

There are many customers who do not put ppf car wrap on their cars. Is there any other help besides protecting the paint? Car paint will affect the valuation of used cars. In the process of used car trading, an important part of evaluating the value of the vehicle is whether the vehicle is original paint

The original paint on the car surface is damaged for many reasons: scratches while driving, high-speed gravel scratches, deliberate scratches, bird droppings and other corrosion, car wash scratches. The car protective film is attached to the paint surface, when scratches occur, it can greatly prevent the original paint from being damaged. Generally, it has an automatic scratch repair function, which can effectively avoid car washing scratches and is durable as new. In addition, it can hide existing scratches.

The pollution caused by the environment is becoming more and more serious today. Car paint will inevitably face acid rain corrosion and oxidation, and it is inevitable that the sand and stone in daily life will be attacked and splashed, and tree branches will be scratched. The dew on the car will corrode the paint. Put on the ppf car wrap and separate the paint surface of the car from the external environment, all of which are not worried.

Many riders may have encountered car scratches by others. Among them, a small part of them may have been paddled to vent their anger mainly because of improper parking management, which hinders normal traffic. However, most of them have suffered unreasonable disasters. Most of these people are at night without surveillance or avoiding surveillance cameras. Even if they are photographed by the new car recorder, most of them have difficulty finding suspects because of their poor night shooting capabilities.

In this society, there are many family cars. Some cars have ppf car wrap, and some cars do not have. Some people may ask why and What are the advantages of ppf car wrap? Today,  When a car crashes, the broken and splashed window control glass will aggravate the injuries of the staff in the car.

During the collision, the window film can adhere to the glass well and avoid injury caused by the splashing of glass debris. High-quality car film can insulate 40% or more of the heat, can significantly reduce the temperature in the car, avoid direct sunlight, improve the comfort of the car, and reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioner.

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