Special attention to PPF car washing

Special attention to PPF car washing

Car washing is something that every car owner has experienced. It should be the most frequent car beauty project. Car washes are also necessary for car with paint protective film, but it needs to be delicate. Generally, stores will wash the car twice before starting to put on car covers. This can also highlight the importance of car washing . After all, the car is not washed well, and thepaint protect film is a problem after construction!

The purpose of the first car wash is to simply wash off all the dirt that is clearly visible on the paint. Usually this kind of dirty stuff includes dust, small sand, etc. The body, wheels, inner lining, edge gaps, all water guns can be washed away. After cleaning, dry the car with a clean towel, and park the car at the construction site for a second cleaning.

The second time the car was washed, the main purpose was to develop the cleaning in depth: first, to clean the paint surface oil that is invisible to the meat, but the real situation; second, to use the glue remover to remove the gum, insect corpse, etc. Clean the contaminants to make the paint surface smooth and smooth. Third, clean all these corners and gaps. If it is inconvenient to clean, use a scraper to wrap a non-woven fabric and go deep into the gap for cleaning.

The purpose of deep cleaning is to make the paint surface reach the best condition without pollutants, so that after the paint protect film is constructed, the glue and the paint surface can be fully bonded, and there will be no insufficient adhesion due to the presence of these impurities. Otherwise it is easy to produce bubbles. Let all the corner gaps reach a state of impurity-free, but also to make the edge wrapping effect better. Why some cars tend to warp edges, and the cleaning of the gaps before construction is not in place, this is one reason!

For car washing alone, it takes more than an hour at the earliest. If you encounter a car that is dirty or difficult to handle, it is normal to wash the car for two to three hours. Not to mention the subsequent construction, cutting and other links, the construction time of more than ten hours can be regarded as the current economical construction speed.

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