Comparison of waxing, coating, glaze sealing and Paint protective film

Comparison of waxing, coating, glaze sealing, crystal plating, and Paint protective film

Paint protection is nothing more than waxing, coating, glaze sealing, crystal plating, and invisible car clothing. What is the difference between them? Today, we will make a horizontal comparison of its advantages and disadvantages, hoping to give everyone a more comprehensive understanding.

1. Waxing
[Introduction]: Waxing is relatively simple, and everyone is no stranger to it. After applying a layer of protective wax to the surface of the car body, the wax is thrown out of gloss. This is the traditional first-generation paint surface beauty solution.

The main ingredient is petroleum. Car wax can effectively isolate the car paint from harmful gases and harmful dust, prevent static electricity, so as to prevent dust from sticking to the car paint, and improve the brightness of the paint surface.

[Advantages]: Cheap price, simple construction

[Disadvantages]: The molecular structure of wax is larger than the molecular structure of car paint, and it is difficult to penetrate the car paint. The protection performance is poor and the protection time is short. Generally, it only stays on the car body for about 15 days. It requires multiple constructions and waxing nearly 20 times a year. .

Two: Coating
[Introduction]: Coating is the core technology of the third-generation paint surface beauty process. It uses non-petroleum environmental protection materials such as glass cellulose, silicon polymer, fluorine polymer and high-purity water. The combination with car paint is closer and lasting for a longer time. , The duration is about half a year.

Coating is based on the traditional polishing process. The coating polymer is evenly sprayed on the car paint using a spray gun to form a protective film on the paint surface. Good quality coating products can significantly increase the gloss of the paint surface and improve the paint surface. The long-lasting and anti-aging properties.

Automobile coating tools include: wool pan, tape, polishing machine, glaze sealing machine, automobile mud, coating agent, spray gun, towel, etc.

[Advantages]: The gloss and brightness are greatly improved

[Disadvantages]: The brightness is not as good as the sealing glaze


Three: Sealing the glaze
[Introduction]: Sealing glaze is a second-generation lacquer beauty project, the main ingredient is also from petroleum, it is a sub-nano-level lacquer maintenance product. The molecular structure is generally smaller than the pores, it is easy to fill and penetrate into the inner surface of the car paint. Glaze sealing is to press the glaze into the car paint through a special vibration polishing machine to form a net-like protective film.

[Advantages]: It can improve the paint surface hardness, high temperature resistance, acid rain resistance and UV resistance.

[Disadvantages]: Because its main component is organic matter or acid compound, it is easy to be acidified and oxidized, and its durability is average. Generally, it will gradually disintegrate in two to three months, and it needs to be constructed once. After the glaze treatment, the car cannot be waxed or other ways to paint and beautify, but the glaze treatment can only be continued.


Four: Plating crystal
[Introduction]: The crystal plating technology is to form a protective crystal and ultraviolet filter layer on the surface of the car, which can improve the brightness and hardness of the paint surface, prevent scratches, prevent ultraviolet rays and corrosion, and isolate dust, oil, mold, and water molecules. And other particles, have anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, anti-friction, non-fading effect on any erosion of the car paint itself, and increase the hardness of the paint surface. It is composed of a kind of high-molecular inorganic substance with compact and stable performance, which will not change material under the condition of drastic temperature change. After use, it can quickly form a smooth, translucent and long-lasting hard protective layer.

[Advantages]: Plating crystal can reduce the cost of car washing and waxing, improve the hardness of the paint surface, high temperature resistance, acid rain resistance and UV resistance.

[Disadvantages]: The windward surface is prone to weathering and corrosion. The car paint needs to be polished (that is, sanding) before the crystal. After the crystal is stopped, the car paint will age faster: if the car stops the crystal plating, it lacks the support of brightness and diaphragm. The oxidation rate will be faster and the brightness will drop a lot.


Five: Paint protective film
[Introduction]: The Paint protective film can be said to be the terminator of the car paint surface protective film. It is a high-performance new environmental protection film with super toughness. After installation, the car paint surface can be isolated from the air, and the paint surface can be protected for a long time. . This is a kind of thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU), containing anti-UV polymer, anti-yellowing, super toughness, abrasion resistance and no yellowing, easy to stick, anti-collision and scratching, it can make cars after installation The paint surface is isolated from the air to prevent acid rain, oxidation, and scratches. The original paint is sealed to protect the paint surface for a long time. The thickness of the invisible car coat film is thicker than that of the original car paint, and the physical protection effect is very good.


Excellent ductility, super tensile strength; can be pasted on any curved surface.

Anti-yellowing property for more than 3 years, anti-aging property for more than 5 years.

Crystal-like transparency, integrated with the original car, does not affect the natural color of the car paint; it can increase the gloss of the car paint by 5%-30%.

It can resist the damage of oil, grease, weak alkali, sand, acid rain, etc. to the paint surface.

Super softness and memory, can resist general scratches and friction.

Good UV resistance to prevent long-term damage to the car paint; protect the gloss of the original car paint.

Good adhesiveness, no edges, no cracks.

Good pressure-sensitive adhesive characteristics can ensure that no residual glue is left when removed at any time.

Meets environmental protection requirements.


①The price is expensive, and there is an upper limit for physical plucking, and the film needs to be replaced if it exceeds the repair range;

②It is still necessary to care for the membrane surface two or three times a year;

③The popularity of new products and concepts of Paint protective film is not high, and car owners are likely to stick to low-quality films.

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