How often to maintain the paint protective film?

How often to maintain the paint protective film?

paint protective film also need maintenance, but many car owners may not have as much awareness of the maintenance of paint protective film as they do for their own cars. Some car owners think that maintenance once a year is actually sufficient, so is it true?

In daily maintenance, it is recommended not to choose the free detergent or brightener. The detergent can remove stains, but the invisible car coat coating is very fragile, and the cleaning agent will also wash off the coating on the car coat (regardless of the brand Yes, the cleaning agent is not used to wash car clothes)

Of course, there are paint protective film maintenance fluid and three-in-one technology. This is once a year, but the interval is too long. This year’s the film has already been corroded, so you must remember that if it is a free maintenance service, you should At least once every 2 months to maintain.

Regarding the maintenance of film,  car owners now want to know more about it. After all, paint protective film is very expensive and will inevitably be corroded when exposed to the outdoors for a long time. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary. The current store has also made maintenance into an after-sales management service construction project for the company.

In many stores, the gift of film maintenance is regarded as a gimmick. For example, film installation will give you one year of maintenance, it is discovered that the one-year maintenance given by the film shop is actually within one year. There is only one service, and even some film shops tell the car owner that it is only necessary to maintain it once a year!

In fact, we think about it carefully, once a year of maintenance, can we protect the film from corrosion? Is it possible? it needs to be done once a month and a half to two months.

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