Paint protection film installation tips

Paint protection film installation tips

Installing Paint protection film is different from a safety film and a color-changing wrap. It is also higher in complexity and difficulty in operation.

Many car owners are very interested in the process of Installing Paint protection film, and even want to do it personally. So the question is, how many steps are needed to put the Paint protection film? roughly divided into six steps.

Step 1: fine car wash. Washing the car before applying the Paint protection film is an indispensable part of the process. Wipe different areas with towels to minimize the damage to the car paint. Some black spots that are more difficult to remove should be cleaned with car wash mud. This step It is also very important to do a good job, which directly affects the final effect of the Paint protection film.

Step 2: car film and board. cut the paint protection film to ensure that each paint surface has a paint protection film.

Step 3: Cut the film into a covering body, and carefully complete each step to ensure high-quality construction.

Step 4: Use a baking gun to bake the paint protection film covering the car body to strengthen the ductility of the film and increase the stretchability of the film. At the same time, the moisture inside is dried to ensure that the car film is completely attached and avoid Bubbling.

Step 5: Close the side. The heated film is laminated first, and then the film reserved in the corners of the paint surface is closed.

Step 6: Drying is complete. When time permits, it is best to dry overnight, the paint protection film can protect the car paint 360 degrees.

The Paint protection film installing environment requires dust-free construction, a dust-free workshop and spray dust reduction equipment to reduce the chance of dust entering between the film and the paint surface. A full set of imported professional tools for filming, plus dense lighting in the workshop The lighting ensures that the technicians are meticulous in every step of the construction in a superior environment.

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