Is car film safe?

Is car film safe?
There are many different disputes about the car film, a large part of which is related to its safety. Some people think that the film will affect the clarity of the line of sight while driving and bring safety hazards. But not only this, the car film Security is affected by many factors, clarity is only one of them

The main factors related to car film and safety are the following, which are also what we need to pay special attention to when choosing car film:

1. Clear vision

The primary consideration is that the clarity of sight is directly related to whether you can see the road clearly. It occupies a very high importance in the car film. The car film that can see 6 meters outside scenery through the film is a high-definition car. membrane.

2. Comfortable driving

In a Volvo car experiment, it was shown that when the temperature inside the car is too high, the sensitivity of the human brain will slow down by a few tenths of a second.

3. The quality of glue

Good glue has suitable viscosity, can be used for a long time, and when the glass is broken, it can firmly stick the fragments together to protect the people in the car. At the same time, some inferior films on the market are prone to stinking and foaming. It is because of it. The glue used is not good and contains volatile harmful gases such as formaldehyde, which is a long-term safety hazard to the people in the car.

4. Anti-glare

No matter what car you are in, and in which season, anti-glare is a very practical function of car film. For example, when driving at night, some people always forget to turn the high beam into the low beam when they are in the car. It is very dazzling, and it is easy for people to open their eyes, which is very harmful to road safety. Therefore, when encountering this situation, the anti-glare function of the car film will work. It can filter strong light, reduce light scattering, make the line of sight softer, and relieve the fatigue caused by long-term driving.

5. Privacy

A good car film has a one-way perspective function, that is, it is basically colorless and transparent from the inside of the car, but there will be more obvious reflections and darker colors in the car from the outside, which has the effect of protecting privacy. The privacy of the car film can prevent others from prying eyes, thereby protecting the personnel and property in the car.

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