How to maintain white car paint

How to maintain white car paint

What maintenance skills should be mastered for white car paint?

I believe many friends who drive white cars know White car paint is prone to yellowing when exposed to the sun for a long time
It seems that the texture is very poor, so what can be done to avoid it.

White cars are different from cars in other colors Beacause White car with reference object You can tell at a glance whether the color is normal

Yellowing is a common problem of white cars

Of course, cars of other colors also have corresponding troubles

For example, a black car loses its luster

The blue car becomes dumb and so on, all affect the appearance.

How to protect the paint?

The suggestion is to consider the Paint protective film

why would you said this? The editor will discuss with you in depth below.

Routine beauty: car washing, polishing, waxing, gilding

The paint surface of the car will produce an oxide layer in use

Feels very prickly

At this time, the normal car wash cannot clean the paint.

we will perform a polishing treatment on the vehicle

The thickness of normal car paint is very thin

After polishing the varnish, the varnish will lose its luster.

Therefore, the vehicle cannot be polished multiple times.

After polishing, we will gild and wax the vehicle

To maintain the gloss and effect of the paint for a long time

Waxing generally lasts from about 1 month

Gold plating is generally maintained for about 3 months

After the time has passed, another step of car grooming will be carried out.

So what are the benefits of putting on invisible Paint protective film?

The protection method of the Paint protective film is to change the chemical adhesion (gold plating, waxing is the chemical adhesion to the car paint) into physical protection

And has a strong function of brightening and brightening

A better-Paint protective film won’t turn yellow

And now many products have a 10-year warranty, so don’t worry about it.

It can also resist small scratches, scratches, etc.

Eliminates the tedious process of polishing, waxing, and gilding

Can be described as the first choice for white

After many years, I don’t need to tear off the white paint of the original car.

Very convenient.

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