how long do car wraps last?

how long do car wraps last

The more cost-effective color change film can be used for 3 to 5 years. Changing the color of the car will not affect the original paint surface. The color can also be changed anytime and anywhere.

The color change film will not damage the paint surface, and it can generally be applied for about three years. However, it actually depends on the specific application status of the car. The vehicle color change film refers to the use of colorful and various color plastic films. The appearance of the whole vehicle or part of the car is changed according to the method of covering and pasting, including the body color change film and the car. Change color film for interior parts.

The high-quality color changing film will not cause any damage to the car paint, and it is very easy to remove. The color-changing film is made of high-quality PVC material, which can be removed anytime and anywhere without leaving any glue or damaging the original paint. The application of the vehicle color change film can also have a certain protection effect on the car. it can isolate the contact between the car paint and the gas, further avoid air oxidation damage to the paint surface, and can increase the application cycle time of the original paint surface.

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