A guide to color wrapping for cars

A guide to color wrapping for cars

The color wrapping for cars is a popular item in car modification. Its simple operation can not only protect the original paint, but also decorate the surface of the car, reflect your own style and personality, attract the attention of passers-by, and compare in terms of maintenance. easy.

1. What is a color shift wrap?

The car color changing wrap is a service that changes the appearance of the whole car or part of the car by attaching a polymer polymer material film to the surface of the car body, so as to protect the original paint and decorate the car body.

2. What are the advantages of color wrapping for cars?

1. Under the premise of not damaging the original paint, you can change the color and painting of the car as you like.

2. Compared with the whole car painting, the color changing film is easy to construct and better protects the integrity of the vehicle; the color matching is more autonomous, and there is no trouble of color difference in different parts of the same color.

3. If you want to restore the original car paint, just go to the construction shop to remove the film.

4. The color is bright and beautiful, which can keep the color for a long time.

5. With memory function, small scratches can be automatically restored.

3. What are the types of colour shift wrap?

The current color change vehicle wrap on the market can be divided into the following types: matte film, bright film, electroplated film, carbon fiber film, etc. Specifically, different brands may be classified differently. For example,  matte series, bright series, pearl series, gradient series, electro-optical metal series, high-gloss metal series, carbon fiber film series, metal drawing series, personalized design series and so on.

4.The color shift vinyl wrap film allows you to become a fashionista

The “work” of the car body color change wrap is of course the color change of the car’s appearance! In modern cities, fashion is not only an object, a life, but also a value and a temperament. Fashion has become one of the standards for measuring the self-worth of urbanites. The color change film for the car body was born for the fashion appearance of the car. The appearance of a car requires not only maintenance, but also a beautiful, stylish and personalized outerwear.

5. The effect of the car body color change film on the original car paint

1. Add a protective film to the car body to protect the paint from the sun, rain, sand and stone.

2. The color shift vinyl wrap is affixed to the car paint surface to completely cover, isolate the external environment, protect the car paint surface from acid rain, ultraviolet rays, and guano resin, and also block the scratch and abrasion of the car body by stones and sand.

3. Seal the color and luster of the original paint, slow down aging, and make it new over time, so as to preserve the value of your car.

4. The car body is completely sealed under the cover of the color-changing film, and protected from the external environment. A few years later, the original paint of the color-changing film is still as bright as new, and the best choice for car value preservation!

5. No waxing, glaze sealing, coating, just simple cleaning, once and for all.

6. After the car body is pasted with the color wrap, you no longer need to spend money on waxing and sealing glaze frequently. It only needs simple cleaning at ordinary times to achieve the purpose of comprehensive maintenance.

7. The original car paint has been damaged, just change the color film to cover it.

8. The original car paint is accidentally damaged. There is no need to polish or touch up the paint. It directly covers the car body color change film, perfect packaging defects, and give the disfigured car a new look!

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