What is color shifting wrap?

The color shifting wrap is a kind of automobile film, which is attached to the surface of the automobile paint surface and is made of polymer PVC .with stable structure, good ductility, strong weather resistance, firm adhesion, and does not change color when stretched. Without damaging the original paint, you can change the color of the car as you like, and the color matching is highly autonomous.

The color change car wrap can show your personality. When you see some cars with gradient colors on the road, it looks very cool, The color vinyl wrap can also cover the ugliness. The car is old and there are touch-up paint everywhere, and the color is uneven, which seems to affect the mood, so just stick the color shifting wrap to cover it. If you want to restore the original car, you only need to remove the changed color wrap, leaving no residual glue and not hurting the original paint.

color changing wrap structure

The colour shift wrap is generally divided into 4 layers, from bottom to top respectively. The first layer is protective film, the second layer is wear-resistant coating and glue layer, the third layer is PVC base material, and the fourth layer is color. Coating. There are also some color change films with 6 layers, which enhances the protective effect, and the price is a little more right.

Color change wrap and Paint Protective Film

The same points are all pasted on the paint surface of the car. Paint Protective Film are generally composed of several layers. The base material is mostly TPU, which has strong ductility and can resist general scratching. It has strong anti-ultraviolet and anti-yellow edges, and can automatically repair minor scratches. The thickness of the Paint Protective Film ranges from 7.5mil-13.5mil, the service life is 5-10 years, and the price ranges from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan.

color shift vinyl wrap is a colored film. The main function is to change the color of the car body. The material is mostly PVC, and the ductility is average. The anti-scratch effect is definitely not as good as thePaint Protective Film, and the service life is 2-3 years. The price ranges from a few hundred to a few hundred USD. Whether it is a color change film or Paint Protective Film, daily maintenance is required to extend its service life.

How to choose the color shift wrap?

1. Brand

There are different brands in the market, and the prices are very different. You can choose freely according to your own budget.

2. Price

The color shift wrap ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. If you need to buy it, you can know the price of the color change film in the market in advance.

3. Color

A good color changing car wrap has full color, and the color change and graininess of poor quality will be more obvious.

4. Feel

Touch the color-changing film with your hand to see if the surface is fine, the thickness is uniform, and there is a certain degree of toughness, but the poor-quality color-changing film has a grainy surface and lacks toughness.

5. Smell

A good color changing vinyl wrap has no peculiar smell. If you smell a pungent odor, it must be a poor quality color change film. Generally speaking, the color-changing film complies with global environmental protection standards. Whether it is material or glue, the possibility of problems is small.

6. Glue

Good color shift car wrap adhesive can be repeatedly pasted many times, but inferior color shift car wrap, sticking once or twice will not work.

Common problem:

1. Does the color shift vinyl hurt the paint?

If you choose a low-quality colour changing wrap, it will definitely have a certain impact on the paint surface. If you choose a better colour shift wrap, the paint will not be damaged when you remove it.

2. Why does the price of the colour changing car wrap vary greatly?

The color change film is divided into domestic and imported. In terms of construction effect and long-lasting color, there is still a gap between domestic color change film and imported color change film. If you just want to change the color of the car body and do not pursue long-term stability, then use the general color change film. It’s okay. If there is a long-term demand, you can choose a high-quality color shifting wrap.

3. How long can the color wrapping for cars be used?

If you buy a better brand, the brand has a 3-year warranty, and if you care for it properly, you can use it for 3-5 years. It is not recommended to choose a color shift wrap under US$200. The effect is good in a short time. After a few months, the color will fade seriously and the paint will be damaged.

color changing vinyl wrap is a big market, but the threshold for car film is not high, and the profit is considerable. There are many film shops on the market, and many film technologies have not received formal training. The film cutting, heating, and film processes may cause problems. For car paint damage, you must choose to have a certain scale, and have a relatively long operating time, and a better business store to paste the color film.

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