What is the best material for color changing car wrap

What is the best material for color changing car wrap

Nowadays, it has become a very common thing in our lives to put a color change wrap on a car. And there are several kinds of materials for car color change wrap, which material is better, is the color change wrap only PVC material? Do you know all this knowledge? Let’s take a brief look at it below. At this stage, the color change wrap is mainly divided into three materials: PVC, TUP, and Vinyl.

There are several types of car color film, and which material is the best color film

1. PVC material color changing car wrap

PVC is also known as polyvinyl chloride. Through a large number of research and tests, the reason why it is finally used as a color changing wrap for automobiles is mainly because the hardness of its material itself can protect the car body. Of course, this degree of protection will gradually weaken the quality of itself over time, coupled with daily wind and sun. Therefore, even if the color change wrap is used in the car, it must be maintained. Even the world-famous Britain Barrett Jackson brand color change wrap, or American RBP brand and American 3M’s relatively high price, if not maintained, it will greatly reduce the use time of the color change wrap.

2. TPU material change color wrap

A large number of tests have proved that the biggest advantage of TPU is that even if the car is driven in an extremely cold or extremely hot zone, the color-changing wrap still has a good protective effect on the car body, and at the same time, it does not damage its own car film. it also has a repair function, and even the smallest scratches can be repaired automatically or heated.

3. Vinyl color change wrap

It is the originator of the world’s top car modification and decoration brand (SAQETH), which was invented and used earlier by the United States. Vinyl is durable, flexible and easy to use, and has more different colors and surface treatment options. Vinyl film can produce color changing wrap products that look as good as high-quality paint, even beyond the true color of high-quality paint. When vinyl film is applied to the exterior of a car, it provides three main benefits. First, it protects the original paint surface of the car beyond the color changing wrap of other materials. Second, it can handle colors and finishes that automakers can never provide. Including metal, matt, carbon fiber, and even chrome plating

Surface treatment options, and can be combined with any color. Third, the vinyl film is also easy to care for, it only needs soap and water to clean it. In addition, because vinyl itself is a protective coating, there is no need to apply a clear coat or wax. It is also very flexible, and if the vinyl panel is damaged, the color change film can be easily disassembled and replaced, which is faster and more convenient than inkjet car paint. There are not many color change film manufacturers that produce this material

Reason 1: High technical requirements,

Reason 2: The cost is slightly higher.

At present, the color changing wrap made of Vinyl is the best, and the  pvc changing color wrapis the most widely used.

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