About car color change car wrap

About car color change wrap

Nowadays, when everyone is driving on the road, apart from seeing cars of various common colors such as black, white, silver, and gray, they will occasionally see one or two cars with particularly conspicuous colors. If you don’t know it, people will think this is spray paint, but the editor tells everyone that the gloss of spray paint is far inferior to the wrap. Therefore, the most intuitive manifestation of the benefits of changing the color wrap is that when you drive out, people will say “Wow, the color of this car is so beautiful”, “This car is so cool and handsome”, followed by the sound of various cameras.

01. Have you seen such a conspicuous green car wrap?

Have you seen such a showy yellow car wrap ?

Do you love the car wrap pink of such a girlish heart?


what is the benefit?


The fashion and beauty effects of the car body color change wrap on the car:

The “work” of the car body color change wrap is of course the color change of the car’s appearance! In modern cities, fashion is not only an object, a life, but also a value and a temperament. Fashion has become one of the standards for measuring the self-worth of urbanites. The color change car wrap was born for the fashion appearance of the car. The appearance of a car requires not only maintenance, but also a beautiful, stylish and personalized outerwear.

The protective effect of the car body color change car wrap on the original car paint of the car:

1. A protective film is added to the car body to isolate the external environment, protect the car paint from acid rain, ultraviolet rays, and bird droppings resin, and also block the scratch and abrasion of the car body by stones and sand.

2.Seal the color and luster of the original paint, slow down aging, and keep it new over time, so as to preserve the value of your car. A few years later, the original paint is still as bright as new after tearing off the color film, the best choice for car value preservation!

3.No need for waxing, glaze sealing, coating, just simple cleaning, once and for all, only simple cleaning at ordinary times can achieve the purpose of comprehensive maintenance, and solve the problem of car paint maintenance once and for all!

4.The original car paint has been damaged, just change the color film to cover it. The original car paint is accidentally damaged, no need to polish, no need to touch up the paint, directly cover the body color shift wrap, perfect packaging defects, and give the disfigured car a new look!

Some people may wonder, will the paint be damaged if I tear off the film for a long time?

Generally speaking, as long as you choose a regular and good manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed, and there will be no residual glue or damage to the paint.


Anyone who knows the film industry knows that in addition to the surface layer, the color-changing wrap has a layer of primer, and the quality of the primer directly determines the warranty period of the color-changing wrap.


What kind of car is suitable for car color wrap?


1. New car owners, because they like the performance of the car but the appearance color does not meet their aesthetic requirements, don’t worry about the relentless price increase or waiting for the car at the 4S store, please contact us directly as soon as the new car arrives;

2. Owners who have bought second-hand cars often don’t have to choose the color of the car they like. If you add a little budget, please contact us directly and you can start with your favorite color;

3. Owners who have driven the car for a few years have more scratches on the car, and the paint is oxidized and has no luster. Friends who plan to spend thousands of spray paint and worry about the color difference can also contact us directly!

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