Color change car wrap cost

How much color change car wrap cost?
1. The ductility of color change car wrap
A good car color wrap film has good ductility, it will not break when stretched, and there will be no color difference.
2. Recoverability of color change wrap
If the car wrap of good quality is wrinkled, it can be restored to the original shape after being heated at high temperature.
3. Glue for car vinyl wrap
The film of good quality is made of imported low-viscosity glue. This kind of glue generally does not have a strong viscosity when it is pasted, but after 24 hours of pasting on the body, it will be cured and the viscosity will become stronger. The low viscosity glue ensures that it will not corrode the car paint, and no glue will remain on the car paint at any time when it is removed. In addition, the color changing wrap  with low viscosity glue generally has a high-density air guide groove, which has a good exhaust effect and can save construction time.
Super recoverable, imported low-viscosity glue, cost-effective, quality guaranteed.

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