car color change wrap VS clear paint protection film

What is the difference between car color change wrap and clear paint protection film

In particular, the maintenance of original car paint has always been one of the key points of car maintenance that car friends are most concerned about. Waxing, crystal plating, and glaze sealing are the “oldest three” car paint maintenance that many car friends are most familiar with. Many car friends do not know that car paint protective film has emerged as a new type of paint maintenance technology in the car paint maintenance market.

In the past year or two, automotive paint protective films have quickly become popular after entering the Chinese automotive market. What is the protective film of the paint surface? What is the color change film that is often discussed with the paint protection film? Today, twill answer these questions for you.

At present, most clear paint protection film on the market refer to transparent films made of TPU polymer composite materials, which have the characteristics of high elongation, high toughness, high corrosion resistance, and self-protection and repair. The coating is physically covered on the surface of the car paint, which can achieve the functions of enhancing anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, and car care. Like the general TPU coating, the coating can maintain 5-7 years without discoloration, yellowing, and edge warping. .

Color change wrap is a branch category of clear paint protection film. Color change film adds a layer of color interlayer on the basis of transparent TPU paint protective film. The high-quality TPU color-changing film not only integrates the protective function of clear bra wrap, but also has a variety of colors for car users to choose from, and can even be combined into splicing and customized patterns to fully meet the needs of car users to create a unique car.

In fact, the emphasis between the two is different. The main function of the paint protection film ppf is to protect the original paint of the car. A small scratch will not damage the paint at all. The paint can be automatically repaired, and the color film is mainly It is to change the color of the car paint surface to suit your own preferences, so there is still a big difference between the two!

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