What is the reason for tearing off clear bra wrap?

What is the reason for tearing off the clear bra wrap?

If there is a product that can effectively protect the paint effect, it is undoubtedly anclear bra wrap, good flexibility, and magical self-repairing function, which is fascinating, but it is not perfect. Many people have also pointed out its shortcomings, that is, it is possible It is harmful to the paint. For example, changing theclear bra wrap will damage the paint when the film is torn. This is a very annoying thing for car owners.

Then why the ppf wrap that should protect the paint will cause the paint to peel off, and how can we avoid it?

The ppf wrap is not harmful to the paint. If you stick to the inferior film, you will have to pay the price, which not only brings trouble, but also adds cost.

The reason why the paint will fall off when changing the clear bra wrap

Reason 1.  not a professional glue

If it is not firmly attached, it will lose glue and blisters, and if it is attached too firmly, it will cause the paint to fall off.

Reason 2. After repainting the car, put on the ppf wrap immediately

There is no dry car paint,  It causes paint drop, which leads to incomplete completion of the body and spray paint. In addition, the quality of the post-painting is mostly inferior to the original paint, and it is easy to fall off when the external force is too large. Avoid tearing paint protetive film to damage the paint, pay attention to the following points

1. Choose a high-quality car ppf wrap

must be equipped with glue, which can provide medium viscosity, neither degumming nor damaging the paint when it is torn. This is the best protection for the paint.

2. Do not put on the wrap on the car that has just been painted. You should wait a few weeks until the car paint is completely dry before putting on the wrap

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