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Gloss emerald green car vinyl wrap

Gloss emerald green wrap Emerald is known as the king of emeralds. It symbolizes kindness, confidence, kindness, eternity, luck and happiness in Western culture. Wearing it will bring people a lifetime of peace.   equipped with emerald green car vinyl wrap on the whole car, which makes it more fashionable and dynamic, and it becomes […]

Champagne gold car wrap

Champagne gold car wrap, warm tones, give people an elegant and charming feeling. Just like the fragrant champagne sparkling wine, the color is elegant, slightly mellow, sweet and pleasant, and we will spend a romantic journey together. The BMW X4 is equipped with a metal Champagne gold car wrap, which is retro and noble. It […]

Metallic violet car wrap

Metallic violet car wrap Violet is a metaphor for beautiful fairy tales, and its flower language is “eternal beauty and love, simplicity, virtue”, and its implication is “eternal charm”.   But the beautiful feeling brought by the short flowering period is fleeting, so it has become the persistent attitude of most car owners to pursue […]

Matte metallic pink car wrap

Matte metallic pink car wrap The entire car body has been wrapped in bright and dreamy pink tones. With a matte texture, the reflected light is “diffuse reflection”, without glare or glare, giving people a stable and elegant feeling, with a high-level sense of soft light. The full metallic luster makes the whole body have […]

matte black vinyl car wrap

Black is a color without hue and purity. Often people feel mysterious, serious and solemn, but the matte black vinyl car wrap gives people a low-key and atmospheric feeling.   The darker body color can highlight its body color more under the sun, and the matte black vinyl car wrap attached to the  whole car […]

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