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How to solve the problem of car scratches

The problem of scratches is a headache for almost every car owner. A good car paint surface causes scratches for various reasons. Whether it is light or heavy, it will affect the appearance of the car paint surface. In addition, these scratches are also It will become a hiding place for chemicals. Over time, corrosion […]

Pay special attention to install automotive film?

What should I pay special attention to install automotive film? Now more and more car owners like to apply automotive film, because car film can not only better protect safety, but also can block some heat. Although the automotive film on the market range from hundreds to tens of thousands, although the price is very […]

What is color shifting wrap?

The color shifting wrap is a kind of automobile film, which is attached to the surface of the automobile paint surface and is made of polymer PVC .with stable structure, good ductility, strong weather resistance, firm adhesion, and does not change color when stretched. Without damaging the original paint, you can change the color of […]

Parameters of solar film for car windows

Parameters of solar film for car windows Nowadays, the installation rate of solar film is getting higher and higher, visible light transmittance, ultraviolet isolation rate, heat insulation rate… these car film parameters are not so careless for car owners. These parameters have become the choice. The primary reference for buying car films. A highly heat-insulating […]

What is the reason for tearing off clear bra wrap?

What is the reason for tearing off the clear bra wrap? If there is a product that can effectively protect the paint effect, it is undoubtedly anclear bra wrap, good flexibility, and magical self-repairing function, which is fascinating, but it is not perfect. Many people have also pointed out its shortcomings, that is, it is […]

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