Color changing car wrap VS Paint

Comparison of color changing car wrap VS paint

In the modification process, the color shift car wrap is much simpler than spray painting. First, the spray painting requires a higher ambient temperature. If it is a whole car painting, the original car paint should be polished off in advance, and the car body will be smoothed after various treatments. Spray paint. However, the way to change the color of the wrap is relatively simple, and it can be completed by directly covering the surface of the original paint. Generally, the painting time is about 4 days, which also includes the time to dry the paint surface. If the temperature conditions are not good, it will take about a week for the painted car to go on the road.

Car wrap vs effect

1. I want to change the color of the car body, but do not want to destroy the original paint surface, because the original paint surface is sprayed through strict procedures and special construction conditions, and then the refinish paint cannot be compared with the original car paint;

2. There are many auto parts that need to be disassembled for the whole car spray paint. Some of the body parts are disposable parts and have to be replaced if they are disassembled. If the perfection cannot be achieved without disassembly or sprayed to other positions, the film only needs to disassemble some parts;

3. The whole car is painted, the paint surface of the whole car needs to be polished, and the value of the second-hand car will be depreciated in the future;

4. Partial repainting of the sprayed vehicle in case of an accident is likely to produce chromatic aberration, and the color shift wrap will not produce chromatic aberration;

5. For car owners who often like to change colors, changing the color film is more suitable, because painting takes a long time and the paint surface is repeatedly polished;

6. The spray painting is directly sprayed on the surface of the car paint, and the car paint cannot be restored. If the pattern is sprayed on the color-changing wrap first, it will play a protective role and an aesthetic effect, and will not affect the original car paint surface;

7. The whole car wrap does not need any maintenance. The car paint needs to be waxed and plated regularly for protection. The car body color change film can completely save the maintenance cost of the paint surface and protect the car paint;

8. The film is environmentally friendly construction and will not affect the environment;

9. The painting effect is not good and cannot be restored, and the film can be peeled off at any time to restore the original appearance at any time;

Although spray paint does not have some of the advantages mentioned above compared to car body color change wrap, everyone must not say that spray paint is inferior to color shift vinyl wrap. After all, compared to the original car, what we try to save is the better effect of the original car paint. This is why the Paint protective film is more popular!

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