How to solve the problem of car scratches

The problem of scratches is a headache for almost every car owner. A good car paint surface causes scratches for various reasons. Whether it is light or heavy, it will affect the appearance of the car paint surface. In addition, these scratches are also It will become a hiding place for chemicals. Over time, corrosion will gradually oxidize the car paint, making the paint surface more and more damaged, and ultimately irreparable

1, car wash scratches

In the process of car scrubbing, if a cleaning agent containing some harder particles or a data cleaning technology tool is used, it will cause scratches on the paint surface.

2, Maintenance cratches

This kind of scratches are generally caused by the large grain size of the sanding disc when polishing the paint surface of the car. If the direction of the force is excessively controlled or the sand wax is used on the car when waxing, it will also form scratches.

3, driving scratches

When the car is driving, it scratches with the gravel system, or comes with the stones/branches on the side of the road as an “intimate contact”.

4. Accidental scratches

This is going to be scratched by a naughty child, and it is generally a sharp thing. Presumably the car owner is also very helpless to see this scene.

Finally, there are scratches caused by car accidents, which are basically deep scratches. This type of scratches is already very serious!

is divided into many stages according to the severity of the scratches, and the processing method of each stage is a little different.

01. Minor scratches:

There are slight scratches on the paint surface. The scratches have passed through the varnish and the color has been scratched, but the color has not been scratched. This type of scratches can be solved with toothpaste. There are small particles in the toothpaste, apply it on the car surface, and then gently brush it. After a dozen times, wipe it dry with a damp cloth. In addition, you can also use the method of touch-up paint, you need to buy the same color as your own car surface.

02. Moderate scratches:

through the varnish layer and paint layer, but did not damage the primer layer. This situation depends on your convenience. If you have time, it is recommended to go directly to the repair shop to touch up the paint. First of all, it takes time and money!

If there is no working time problem, you can also use the traditional method to study and polish with fine sandpaper to make the surface smooth and smooth, then apply the putty evenly, and finally apply the self-painting, polishing and waxing.

03. Deep scratches:

Not only the varnish layer and the lacquer layer, but also the primer layer is scratched through, you can see the inner surface of the car body shell. You can send it directly to the 4s store for insurance!

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