How to remove the car glue without damage?

How to remove the car glue without damage?

, 90% of car buyers will install car film, but the film is not permanent. It is always necessary to tear the film, whether it is because you want to change to a more cool film, or because the life of the car film has expired, tearing off the film Many people will encounter the same problem-leaving glue!

This is a very serious problem. If it is not handled properly, it will easily affect the original paint of the car body. When the glue remains after the film is peeled, how to remove the glue effectively and without damage!

To remove the glue, let’s take a look at how to tear the film. First, prepare the tools: hair dryer, wallpaper knife (spare), mask.

Tear the film step one: first tear off the corners

Lower the glass a bit, then find a raised edge, heat it with a hair dryer, soften it, lift the corners, and tear them off by hand; if they don’t work, try to scrape off a corner with a wallpaper knife. Note: 1. Only need to heat one corner when heating; 2. Do not blow one place for a long time, be careful of glass cracking.

Tear the film Step 2: Tear while blowing

While heating it with a hair dryer, tear it up. Generally, poor quality films are better to tear because the film itself is not strong. If the quality is a film, some relatively severe tears will be torn. It is recommended to wear a mask, because if it is a bad membrane, then when the membrane is torn, the smell will be very unpleasant and it will easily cause harm to the human body.

What should I do if I find that there is glue on the car after tearing the film?
Method 1: Cleaning liquid removal method

Go to some auto beauty shops to buy and some professional cleaning fluid, spray it on the glue, and wipe it repeatedly with a soft towel. If we still can’t remove it, some research methods on the Internet use knife cutting (knife scraping). It is not recommended to do this, especially the rear windshield, because the rear gear has a heating wire, so it is easy to scratch with a knife. hotline.

Method 2: Eliminate edible vinegar

Apply the vinegar evenly on the adhesive with a cotton swab and wait for it to spread. After a period of time, use a cotton swab to back and forth the adhesive. After a while, the adhesive begins to fall off. Wipe gently with paper.

Method 3: Alcohol removal

Spray alcohol on the glue on the glass, and the glue will begin to soften over time and dissolve. With hand or lightly rubbing, the glue leaves the glass cleanly.

Many methods on the Internet are untrustworthy. It is best to go to the store. Only if there are professionals who use professional tools to operate, can you be more at ease.

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