How to deal with bubbles in car glass film?

How to deal with bubbles in car glass film?

Whether a consumer chooses a product or not is the right of the consumer, not the deception of the consumer. The act of shoddy is even more serious.

If you are the owner of a car and have bubbles after the car is filmed, what do you think of first? Your aesthetic influence? Maybe, this scene is really ugly. But more importantly, it shows a high probability that you have pasted a poor quality film. It may be the film. During the manufacturing process, you want the film to achieve certain properties. It contains a lot of formaldehyde, benzene and other chemicals. The material of the product. Inferior film is characterized by the volatilization of toxic gas, but it is stuck between the film and the glass cannot be discharged after these unstable material characteristics, then the formation of bubbles.

If the peculiar smell of your car is very serious, plus this full screen of bubbles, then mostly it  have put on a low-quality film. It is recommended that you tear the film as soon as possible, do not hesitate, do not feel distressed, health is the most important thing.

Of course, there is another situation, which is the quality of store construction. For example, a store with no dusty equipment may also cause bubbles in the glass film. Go directly to the construction workshop and find a technician to clean up and remove air bubbles. But to be honest, if it is the store’s construction technology problem that causes such a full screen foam, this is a typical example of the double failure of hardware equipment and construction technology.

Finally, such a full screen bubble will not pass the annual inspection of the vehicle, because without it, it will affect the company’s driver’s judgment on the road conditions. Therefore, in addition to being ugly and harmful to health, full-screen bubbles will also have a serious impact on the safety of our driving system.

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