Should car glass be filmed?

The main functions of automotive glass film are explosion-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-glare, privacy protection, and heat insulation.
Therefore, car owners like to put film on their car. Like mobile phones, film can indeed have a good protective effect on the car, but it also needs to be selected carefully.
Before sticking the film, we need to understand the glass on the car.
The glass used in automobiles is not ordinary glass. The main glass used is tempered glass and laminated glass.
Tempered glass is mainly used on the windows on both sides. This kind of glass is strengthened and has high hardness, but when it is impacted, it will break into many small glass fragments.
Because the glass is specially treated, these small fragments do not have sharp edges and corners, but if they are under a strong impact, the fragments will still pose a certain threat to vulnerable places such as personnel’s eyes.
The laminated glass has three layers. The middle layer has strong toughness and adhesion. When it is damaged by impact, the inner layer and the outer layer still adhere to the middle layer, which is not easy to hurt people.
It is mainly used in the front windshield of the car, and the laminated glass of the front windshield of the car currently on the market has doubled the thickness of the middle layer, which has better safety and is widely used.
Should the side windows be filmed?
Except for some high-end car front side windows that use laminated glass, most of the side windows and rear fenders of vehicles are tempered glass. Ordinary tempered glass is not good enough in terms of sun protection, heat insulation and privacy, and has almost no explosion-proof properties, so the film can play the role of heat insulation and anti-riot.
Does the front windshield need to be filmed?
As mentioned above, the front windshield is made of laminated glass, which has good explosion-proof performance. If it is hit, the glass fragments will adhere to the middle glue layer in a spider web shape, and will not splash and hurt people.
But this kind of glass is not perfect in heat insulation. If you feel that it is too hot to bear, then you need to film it.
It should be noted here that the national standard stipulates that the light transmittance of the front windshield cannot be lower than 70%, so it is best not to put the car film with too low perspective on the front windshield, so as not to affect the driver’s vision.
In addition, there will be car owners who worry about whether the explosion-proof film of the car will pose a safety hazard, and it will be difficult to escape by breaking the window in distress?
Because the explosion-proof film is attached to the inside of the window, it is more difficult to push it from the outside to the inside, which makes it difficult for glass fragments to fly into the car.
However, it is still recommended that car owners be equipped with special escape tools in the car to be foolproof.

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