Is it good to install car film on rainy days?

Is it good to install car film on rainy days?

Many car owners don’t know that, in fact, car film also needs to pay attention to the weather. For example, when it rains, the humidity is high, and the temperature is low, the dust in the air will be much less, and the effect of installation will be clean and tidy. The impact does not stop there. When it rains, is it good to apply film to the car? Is there any impact?

1. It is suitable for installing car film on rainy days

The reason why it is suitable for car filming on rainy days is very simple. Dust is a difficult problem in the construction of car filming. It will be mixed with glass and film. Excessive dust will make the eyes uncomfortable after filming. It just happens to play a role in reducing dust on a rainy day. This is because the water vapor in the air rises on a rainy day, and the moisture has an adsorption effect on the dust, and then a large amount of dust will be combined together and fall to the ground with gravity, and It is not easy to return to the air, so that a relatively low dust content can be maintained, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of a large number of dust spots after the film is applied.

The spray equipment of the film shop simulates rainy days. Professional film shops will be equipped with spray equipment. Its function is like a rainy day. It can actively atomize the water, which is more conducive to water and dust. The effect of contact is better than that on rainy days. The foggy area in the dust-free workshop is actually the dust reduction in the workshop. This important step is that the dust is firmly absorbed by the moisture and then passes through the grille floor. This is also An essential step for professional construction.

2. After the car is filmed, the film dries slowly

The car film basically needs several days to dry, and because it is not suitable for water to evaporate on rainy days, the film dries slowly. Of course, the car glass cannot be raised and lowered. The store also requires that the window should not be opened in the past few days. The continued rainy weather conditions, this time period is about seven days.

3. Misunderstanding of filming on rainy days: foam is easy to appear?

Regarding bubbles, bubbles appear one or two days after the car is pasted on the film. In fact, there is some water vapor inside. The water is naturally evaporated and converted from liquid to gas. This is also a normal phenomenon that all films will appear. Then they Why do some people think that the film will be more prone to bubbles on rainy days?

The reason is because the temperature in rainy days is relatively low, and there is no sun, the water evaporates slowly, and the corresponding bubbles disappear slowly. Therefore, some people who don’t understand will think that bubbles are very easy to appear when filming a car on a rainy day. , In fact it is not the case.

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