Guide to car colors changing in winter!

Guide to car color changing in winter!

Introduction: Speaking of modification, I believe many people are familiar with it. Small changes to color, big changes to performance. An ordinary car can be transformed into a power monster in the blink of an eye through modification. Modification regardless of season, regardless of model, as long as you like it, you can do anything. ”
Precautions for car color change in winter

It has a great impact on the paint surface, which will make the exterior bright glaze lose its luster, and in severe cases, the car paint will peel off. Therefore, changing the color of the car  is not just to show its own unique style, it can also make up for the damage, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone! The winter is very cold, and many car owners often neglect to protect their cars when they put their clothes on to keep warm. In fact, in winter, car owners should pay attention to the protection of the paint, after all, when the outdoor temperature drops, the heat expands and the cold shrinks, which will cause the paint surface to become very fragile. In addition, the rain and snow in winter contain a lot of corrosive substances, which will have a great impact on the paint surface, which will make the exterior bright glaze lose its luster, and long-term loss of protection will cause the car paint to peel off.  Car color change wrap

The advantage of the car color wrap is that it can not only provide people with a platform to show their individuality, but also uniquely integrate art, spirit and attitude into the color of the car body. Create a unique, fast and fashionable concept of life. The color change of the body is a kind of unconventional, a kind of difference. While giving people a brand new visual experience, it also puts a layer of protective clothing on the car. Isolate the air, avoid acid and alkali, so that the paint will never fade. This is why more and more modification enthusiasts are keen to change the color, and more and more non-modified car owners are willing to re-decorate

In winter, it is recommended to change the color of the car that is suitable for warm colors. After all, in the snow, the conspicuous bright color is the most eye-catching color. Therefore, the first color recommended in winter is red, bright red, wherever there are many people’s eyes.

Red represents auspiciousness, joy, unrestrainedness, passion, fighting spirit and so on. Red is believed to arouse the secretion of human male hormones, so most sports cars that represent performance and speed are decorated with red.

In winter, female friends will be particularly interested in pink. Pink is an innocent color, representing a sweet smile, a gentle girl, and innocence. This color is mostly used on women, representing women’s beauty, women’s nature, women’s elegance and noble temperament.

Gold symbolizes nobility, glory, honor and brilliance, and local gold has become the most fashionable color nowadays. If you want your car to bring you a sense of dignity and luxury in this severe winter, then choose gold

Almost all cars can use blue film. Blue is a broad color, and the vast landscape of sky and sea is blue. Blue is a symbol of eternity, it is the coldest color.

Pure blue expresses a kind of beauty, quietness, sensibility, peace and cleanliness, while blue gives people a bright feeling.

There are many colors of film suitable for winter, which are not listed here, but in the heavy snow and dense fog in winter, choose a bright-colored car body color change film, which can protect the car paint from damage and make you love The car is always shining, unconventional, unique, and at the same time able to achieve the purpose of ensuring driving safety. The popular appearance is certainly important, but we cannot ignore the material and craftsmanship of the film. Therefore, car owners must choose a powerful car beauty shop!

The color change wrap has certain requirements for car washing and post-maintenance. For example, you cannot use a high-pressure water gun to directly spray the joint between the film and the paint; you cannot use an adhesive or the like to stick to the surface of the film. There is no paint change color.

The color change wrap is more suitable for car lovers who follow the trend, and those who will frequently change the body color in the short term.

Car color change wrap

There is no difference between good and bad

Only fit and unfit

Everything has to weigh the pros and cons from the owner’s own needs, and make a choice

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