Customer’s concerns of car color changing film

Customer’s concerns of car color changing film

Many friends have come to consult a series of questions about the car color changing film In the spirit of serving customers, they will explain on the basis of facts.

After communicating with so many customers, I found that many problems have also been solved. However, there are always some problems encountered repeatedly. Here I want to popularize and explain to all friends who are not clear about the color change wrap.

Among these consulting clients, some clients have hands-on capabilities, so they like to do it by themselves. Most of the questions they ask are technical questions, but for clients who have no technical foundation, the results are often unsatisfactory. . Therefore, it is really not recommended to install the wrap by self. Not only can it not achieve the color change effect that the customer himself expects, but it will even bring a bad impression to some friends who are interested in purchasing the color wrap. In the end, the customer still failed to learn, and went to a store with professional skills for construction.

Some customers are more interested in color. But what I want to say to all car owners that due to the continuous increase of the current color change wrap brands. As a result, the colors that are likely to appear this month will have new colors and categories appearing next month. Many shop owners only make one or two brands of color change film. If the brand does not have the color you asked, please don’t be angry. After all, focus on achieving professionalism! Trying to do one or two things is far better than being messy sometimes!


At present, the problems of many customers and friends are mainly in these aspects:

1. How long do car color changing film last?. After all, everyone wants to have a longer warranty period. As for how long it will take to tear it off and replace it with a new one, many customers will not consider it at this stage.

2. The choice of color change wrap is too entangled, after all, there are many kinds of colors. Nowadays, more and more types of color change wrap are appearing, and brands are even more complicated. Not to mention that customers who don’t know are confused. Even friends who have been in this industry for a long time

3. Distrust or worry about construction. After many customers entangled in choosing the changed storefront and color, during the construction process, they began to entangle the master’s construction technique. Always worry about whether the dismantling will cause damage to the car, will it be unsightly if the sticker is not good?

In fact, in general, the car body color change wrap is a new thing that is slowly going to the majority of customers. It may have been a patent for luxury cars before, as everything develops. The car body color change wrap is getting closer and closer to more car owners. We often see many people on the road talking about a car. “This car is really beautiful in color.” “I haven’t seen this car in this color.” I also want to change the color of my car”

It has to be said that the car color changing film is a new type of car exterior modification that has been developed in the practice of many pioneers and is known to everyone. Customers have so many problems, in the final analysis, they have insufficient awareness of this new thing about changing the color wrap. , The most important thing is to popularize the it, let them realize what is going on. What are the benefits and so on. Then follow the principle of honesty, don’t do things that hurt customers, and do a good job of propaganda for returning customers.

A good store is built on money, but also on trust and a mentality for customers. We should all help customers within our capacity. Increase customers’ trust in us and their understanding of the car body color change wrap

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