How to judge the quality of car color change wrap?

How to judge the quality of car color change wrap?

The main function of the car color change wrap is to change the color of your car to your favorite color. If you want to change it every once in a while, do you not care about the quality of the car color change film?
The quality of the car color change film still needs attention, because some inferior car color change film affects not only the quality of the car paint, but even produces harmful gases that affect the health of the human body. You don’t need to choose a particularly expensive one, but you still have to Choose good quality!

A good car color change wrap has excellent ductility, the stretching time will not be broken, and there will be no color difference. Another is the adhesive backing. The film retracts to itself when stretched, but the backing adhesive remains on the body, making the body design look not particularly dirty.

A good film, the ordinary adhesive is probably not very sticky during the time of application, but after 24 hours of application, it is very sticky, so this film has more technology on the adhesive.

In view of the uneven products on the market, it is difficult for consumers to judge which films are good or bad, so they can give priority to those main items that are the places where the car body color film is used. In addition, the following three methods can help car owners identify whether the color change wrap  is good or bad.

Take a look: The good car body film looks smooth and delicate, the color is saturated and well-proportioned, there is no sense of impurities, the coating result is tight, no cracks, no wrinkles, and no warping, etc.; and the poor quality car body film is often grainy, and the color is obvious. The surface is rough, the saturation is poor, the coating process is prone to cracks, the adhesive is poor, the adhesion is not good, and it is easy to warp.

Second touch: The high-quality film has toughness, the film surface is exquisite, the thickness is suitable, creases are not easy to appear, and the bottom paper is of good quality; the inferior film material is hard and thick, the roughness is obvious, lacks toughness, the crease is not easy to recover, the quality of the bottom paper Difference.

Three smells: Good quality car film has environmental protection standards, no pungent odor; while poor quality film smells very pungent and has low environmental performance.

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