The choice of car clear bra material

The choice of car clear bra material is to choose P V C material or T P U material,
The car clear brais to put a transparent film on the paint surface of the car. The material of the film is divided into two types: PVC and TPU. Asphalt and other corrosive paint surface, super toughness can resist scratches, abrasion resistance and collision resistance, keep the original paint surface.
With the upgrading of car paint maintenance, protective film for cars has gradually embodied its value. Although the price is high, it is necessary to regularly use three-in-one maintenance fluid to care for the car clothing and repair the coating to resist corrosion and delay aging. Compared with the plating crystal, the clear bra wrap does not damage the paint surface, after all, the original paint has no way to make up.
Whether it is to choose P V C or T P U material, the most important thing is to see the protective performance of the invisible car suit, whether it is acceptable or not.
The P V C car clear bra paint protection is brittle and has a short use time. It can also withstand accidental damage from gravel branches, acid rain, bird droppings, insect corpses and asphalt.
TPU clear protective film for cars wear resistance, high extensibility and long use time, but the stealth car jacket is not an armored car, and it will still be scratched, and scratching is not covered by the warranty of the stealth car jacket. The insurance company does not have the insurance of the stealth car jacket. Change the car. Clothing is at your own expense.
Whether to stick the car clear bra or not, and what material to choose, is not only the expensive car can stick it, but the value of the car in your heart, whether it is waxing or sticking the invisible car jacket, only the value is not worth it, whether you want to stick it, Other people’s opinions are just opinions.

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