Pay special attention to install automotive film?

What should I pay special attention to install automotive film?

Now more and more car owners like to apply automotive film, because car film can not only better protect safety, but also can block some heat. Although the automotive film on the market range from hundreds to tens of thousands, although the price is very expensive, it still cannot prevent car owners from loving car films. After the car owner puts the film on the car, the shop filming master will tell you that you cannot lift the windows of the car for three days. Why is this?

1. The most worthy of our attention is that car washing should be avoided within three days after the car film is attached to prevent the film from falling off.

2. If bubbles appear after the new car film, they should return to the store to deal with it within 24 hours. Pay attention to two points here, remember to process within 24 hours, because if the glue around the car has dried out if the time is exceeded, the film cannot move, and creases will be produced during the process, so it must be processed within 24 hours .

Secondly, you must go to a professional automotive film shop to install the film. Because of technical and environmental reasons, if you do it yourself, it may cause the automotive film to be scrapped.

3. The rear window defogging line should not be opened within a week. Over a period of time, misty water vapor will be found in the film. This is the normal phenomenon of the car solar film during the drying process, and its moisture will easily cause some undesirable consequences to the defogging line if the moisture is not dry. After installation, wipe the membrane with a damp towel, sponge or soft cloth.

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