Why the automotive film wrap cost high ?

Why the automotive film wrap cost high ?

The difference in the price of automotive film wrap on the market ranges from a few hundred to tens of thousands. Many people will not understand why the price of car film is so different, and what is the reason for the high price?

One, it is expensive. The manufacturing process of high-quality car film is relatively complicated, with many equipments, and the materials used are all high-quality precious metals; secondly, the quality control is strict, and the products put on the market after being qualified are strictly screened to ensure product quality. It will involve the cost of eliminating unqualified car films.

Second, the craftsmanship is valuable. The high-quality car film adopts the magnetron sputtering process; select high-quality substrates, collect rare precious metals, and add layer by layer under the substrate.


You pay for what you pay for. Although the price of high-quality car film is high, its protective performance is also perfect, and it is worth investing in.

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