Auto wrap colors material and craft level!


If you observe carefully, you will find that in fact, there are not many colors of cars, the more common ones are: white, black, red, silver… This situation cannot satisfy modern people’s pursuit of individualization. Therefore, car color change film has become the choice of more and more car owners. But do you know what the material of the car color change wrap is, and how many craft grades does it have?

What is Auto wrap colors ?

Car color change film, English is: wrap flim, is a colored plastic film attached to the car body (painted surface)!

The color-changing film is rich in colors and various colors. It is a service that changes the appearance of the whole car or part of the car by covering and pasting the whole.

Change the material of auto wrap colors

Remember that the car color change film is currently made of PVC! Generally speaking, polyvinyl chloride film, many manufacturers will say improved polyvinyl chloride molecular film!

Two major processes for Auto color wrap

① Casting grade: the highest quality, the general warranty is 5 years, such as Avery, 3M. The main features are: the production process is complex and the price is expensive!

②Extension grade: simple construction process, generally 3 years warranty, cheap price,

Note: There are additives in the color change wrap, generally divided into two types:

①Chain plasticizer (usually, there are more films of casting grade);

② Monomer plasticizer (used more for rolled film)!

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