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Auto wrap colors material and craft level!

  If you observe carefully, you will find that in fact, there are not many colors of cars, the more common ones are: white, black, red, silver… This situation cannot satisfy modern people’s pursuit of individualization. Therefore, car color change film has become the choice of more and more car owners. But do you know […]

How much do you know about vehicle wrap colors?

How much do you know about vehicle wrap colors?   In car modification, changing the color of the car body has always been regarded as a big project, and it has not changed this phenomenon until the appearance of car film in recent years. Compared with traditional baking paint, Car Body Wrap is a simpler […]

How choose the vinyl car wrap colors that suits me?

How can I choose the vinyl car wrap colors that suits me?   1. How to choose the vinyl car wrap colors that suits your needs: 1. If you are just for self-entertainment and cool, ordinary color change film is enough to meet your needs. This ordinary color-changing film is divided into glossy color wrap […]

Color changing vinyl car wrap

First of all, we must understand what car wrap is. The color change technology of car wrap originated from Europe and the United States. It has only entered the Chinese market in the past one or two years. According to reports, the color change wrap uses a high-density vinyl film. This film can be attached […]

Customer’s concerns of car color changing film

Customer’s concerns of car color changing film Many friends have come to consult a series of questions about the car color changing film In the spirit of serving customers, they will explain on the basis of facts. After communicating with so many customers, I found that many problems have also been solved. However, there are […]

Color changing car wrap VS Paint

Comparison of color changing car wrap VS paint In the modification process, the color shift car wrap is much simpler than spray painting. First, the spray painting requires a higher ambient temperature. If it is a whole car painting, the original car paint should be polished off in advance, and the car body will be […]

Guide to car colors changing in winter!

Guide to car color changing in winter! Introduction: Speaking of modification, I believe many people are familiar with it. Small changes to color, big changes to performance. An ordinary car can be transformed into a power monster in the blink of an eye through modification. Modification regardless of season, regardless of model, as long as […]

About car color change car wrap

About car color change wrap Nowadays, when everyone is driving on the road, apart from seeing cars of various common colors such as black, white, silver, and gray, they will occasionally see one or two cars with particularly conspicuous colors. If you don’t know it, people will think this is spray paint, but the editor […]

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