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Color changing car wrap VS Paint

Comparison of color changing car wrap VS paint In the modification process, the color shift car wrap is much simpler than spray painting. First, the spray painting requires a higher ambient temperature. If it is a whole car painting, the original car paint should be polished off in advance, and the car body will be […]

Guide to car colors changing in winter!

Guide to car color changing in winter! Introduction: Speaking of modification, I believe many people are familiar with it. Small changes to color, big changes to performance. An ordinary car can be transformed into a power monster in the blink of an eye through modification. Modification regardless of season, regardless of model, as long as […]

A guide to color wrapping for cars

A guide to color wrapping for cars The color wrapping for cars is a popular item in car modification. Its simple operation can not only protect the original paint, but also decorate the surface of the car, reflect your own style and personality, attract the attention of passers-by, and compare in terms of maintenance. easy. […]

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