Monthly Archives: February 2023

violet color-changing wrap

Violet means beautiful fairy tales, and its flower language is “eternal beauty and love, simplicity, virtue”, which means “eternal charm”.   equipped with metallic violet color-changing wrap, which looks extraordinarily majestic against the background of purple light, which strengthens the sense of lines everywhere in the car body. People can’t stop.

Colorful electroplating white color changing wrap

Colorful electroplating white color changing wrap, electroplating is the process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on some surfaces by using the principle of electrolysis.   This electroplating white has a metallic luster, and it shows an extremely cool rainbow-like halo under the sunlight. In addition, because of the electroplating effect, […]

PET matte gray color wrap

The whole car is pasted with PET matte gray color wrap and the texture of every detail immediately makes it have an excellent demeanor as gentle as jade.   The surface of the car is indistinguishable from warm and cold dumb gray, forming a low-key, soft, elegant and simple style. In particular, the texture of […]

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