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Should car glass be filmed?

The main functions of automotive glass film are explosion-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-glare, privacy protection, and heat insulation. Therefore, car owners like to put film on their car. Like mobile phones, film can indeed have a good protective effect on the car, but it also needs to be selected carefully. Before sticking the film, we need to […]

Tips for maintaining Your Car’s Vinyl Wrap

Tips for maintaining Your Car’s Vinyl Wrap Car maintenance after filming:    1. After installation, do not roll down the car window within 3-5 days to prevent the wrap edge from turning over.   2, do not stick the adhesive label directly on the vinyl wrap;   3. If there are bubbles, go to a professional car beauty […]

car color change wrap VS clear paint protection film

What is the difference between car color change wrap and clear paint protection film In particular, the maintenance of original car paint has always been one of the key points of car maintenance that car friends are most concerned about. Waxing, crystal plating, and glaze sealing are the “oldest three” car paint maintenance that many […]

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